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Minimize dust, mud, and potholes all the while beautifying your property with asphalt paving services. Residential, commercial, farmland, and industrial job sites are always welcome, and overlay work is available, should you need it.


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At Custom Paving & Sealcoating, we take the time to assess your job, to be sure that it is done right. Starting with the estimate, we make sure that what we’re quoting is exactly what you’re looking for. Our quotes are detailed and extensive, to ensure our customers are well informed on every step of the process. From site prep to final grade we literally leave no stone unturned in the effort to make sure your foundation is suitable to support your asphalt for many years. Finally, we’ll install your asphalt. Whether it’s a small driveway or your commercial parking lot, all of our asphalt is machine installed, virtually guaranteeing precise paving depths to meet your specific project needs. We can leave the job site knowing we’ve provided our customer with a final product they can enjoy and be proud of for many years to come!

With over 40 years of experience, you can trust our family-owned and operated business to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us for a free custom quote built specifically for project!



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Custom Paving FL. LLC is the newest location for the Custom Paving crew. With multiple highly successful locations over a 40 year period in our home state of Wisconsin, we are proud to announce our arrival in Maitland! The crew is extremely excited to bring our tradition of paving excellence (and making the neighbors jealous) to the Orlando area. Please visit our Facebook page for the full story!



Congratulations on your new asphalt! Very few things beautify your home or place of business like new asphalt. However in order to keep your new asphalt looking great there are a few things to remember.

A term also used for asphalt is hot mix because it is exactly that, HOT. Fresh asphalt that has just been installed can stay hot for several hours after installation, especially during summer months. For this reason, it is best to avoid driving on your new asphalt for 24 hours and avoid parking on it for 72 hours.

Due to the nature of asphalt, it is very common for new asphalt to get scuffed by sharp turns or turning your vehicle wheels while sitting still. While we recommend you be very cautious with your sharp turns it is almost impossible to avoid. However, in almost every case these “scuff” marks are only superficial and will wear back in with typical drive traffic. During the summer months, your new asphalt will be most vulnerable, as the temperatures are much higher. If you wish you can cool the surface by running water on the asphalt on extremely hot days. After the first 12 months, the chances of this happening are greatly reduced.

The weakest point of your asphalt is your edges. You’ll want to make sure you keep your edges supported as much as possible. Typically black dirt is placed along the edges and grass is planted. Using gravel against the edge as a shoulder of support works great as well. However, you should avoid driving on the edges as much as possible, ESPECIALLY WHEN NEW (typically 6-12 months).

Avoid spilling gas/oil/hydraulic fluid/fuel oil, or any other abrasive materials on your asphalt. These materials eat at the asphalt and will cause it to deteriorate in those areas. Sealing your asphalt will provide a protective coating that helps resist the damaging effects of abrasive materials.

Sealing your asphalt will add years to its lifetime as well as beautify and protect it. We recommend sealing with a prime seal if sealing within the first year and then sealing every 3-5 years after the first year. NEVER LET ANOTHER COMPANY SEAL YOUR ASPHALT BEFORE YOUR WARRANTY IS UP. THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY!

It is possible (though very rare) that some customers can experience vegetation growth in their new asphalt. Being that no two job sites are the same, some sites are more at risk than others. This is not a poor reflection of the quality of the materials, nor the installation process. While we make every effort to prevent this from happening, some times nature can’t be beaten. If you notice what appears to be a little mound forming in your asphalt, immediately apply a weed killer to this area. As the weed dies the mound will begin to fall. A hand tamp or other means of compaction can be used to flatten this area back out after the weed killer has been applied.

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