Why DIY paving is never a good idea

You like doing things yourself whenever possible and think that you can handle a little do-it-yourself driveway or parking lot paving job. After all, you’ve watched other people do it in the past or had a part-time job mixing cement for a building company when you were in college. Just how hard can it be to mix asphalt the way paving companies do and pour your own driveway or parking lot?

Unfortunately, paving is a lot harder than most people realize. As a result, working without the help of a paving company is likely to cause a lot of disappointment and even cost you way too much money to fix your serious mistakes. But just how problematic can DIY paving be in reality? Let’s take a look at the types of issues you can anticipate when working without the help of paving companies near you.

Paving is a hard process

Amateurs who think that they can handle a DIY paving job probably took a look at a professional do it in the past and figured that they could easily do the same thing. And while it is true that the basic paving process isn’t incredibly complex, getting it right is the hardest part and is where most people make mistakes:

Simply put, anybody attempting DIY paving is going to find that they are way out of their league and making a lot of errors during the pouring process. And while they may technically finish the job, they are likely going to run into problems along every step of the procedure outlined below.

  • Proper cost setting. Do you know how much you should spend on the average paving job? Probably not. Unfortunately, this means that you could overspend by buying way too much paving material for the job. You may also buy from companies that don’t provide wholesale prices. Paving companies do work with these types of businesses and get discounts that can save you money.
  • Trying to prepare for a paving job requires understanding what types of materials you need, what kind of soil is safe on which to pour, the tools that you’ll need for the job, and much more. Without the help of high-quality paving companies, most DIY amateurs are going to experience a high rate of failure that will destroy any chance of a great paving job. Even worse, they could end up trying the job anyway and get stuck halfway through without any ability to finish.
  • Other preparation steps. Did you cut out a specific path for your driveway into the dirt? Many people don’t realize that this is necessary for paving. Did you lay down a mat to support the pavement? And if so, did you lay the right kind? You’d be surprised how often people get this part wrong. What about framing boards? Did you add these to your pouring area? All of these preparation steps are critical if you want to finish a paving job properly. And even if you know to take these steps, are you doing them right? Be honest with yourself: probably not. And that’s OK! Most people will do them wrong without help.
  • On the day of the paving job, you’re suddenly going to find yourself experiencing a lot of setbacks. First of all, you’re going to struggle to find people to help you pour the pavement. Few or your friends or family members are likely to help, because the work will be too hard and frustrating to do. Worst of all, you’re going to make a lot of application mistakes—including poor pouring speeds—that will trigger difficulties that can be hard to manage. You’ll find that you need to spend a lot of money to get everything right.
  • Post-Pour Maintenance. Do you know what to do the moment after you finish paving a driveway? Professional pavers do. For example, you’ll need to smooth out the surface of the pavement to ensure that it doesn’t have any bumps. Just as importantly, you need to cut joints at specific spots to help the pavement expand and contract at different temperatures. Do you know when to cut these joints? Or how far apart they should be spread? Like most DIY pavers, you might have a vague idea of these facts that is likely not 100 percent accurate.

This section isn’t designed to make you feel bad about yourself and your skills as a paver. Instead, it is designed to give you a better insight into the difficulties of this kind of work. Simply put, paving is no day at the races and can be a real challenge to finish properly. Unfortunately, you really only get one chance to nail this process, and if you make a mistake, your driveway will look pretty bad and will need to be removed by professionals anyway.

Thankfully, there are many high-quality paving companies available who can help you get through this process without difficulty. However, before you choose a paving company, you must understand what traits are best to search for in these experts. By following these guidelines for company selection, you can get the most of your paving experience without making any more frustrating mistakes.

Traits of a great paving company

The best paving company experts are those who work hard to satisfy you. They fully understand the nature of paving and will do what it takes to make sure you get the job you need done at a price you can afford. A few traits to look for in an excellent paving professional are:

  • Years of experience. A highly qualified paver should fully understand the nature of your paving job and be capable of handling all of its unique demands.
  • Licensed operation. Avoid anybody who doesn’t have a license, because these professionals will lack the particular skill necessary to achieve paving success.
  • Friendly customer service. The best paving business in the world is only as excellent as its customer service. If you feel insulted or let down by your interactions, you should try to find another company for your job.
  • Diverse and skilled employees. Each employee for a paver should be as skilled as the next and capable of predicting any changes or challenges that might affect their job effectiveness.
  • Great paving businesses need to be flexible enough to understand multiple types of paving jobs and be capable of adapting their processes to meet the unique demands of each project.

All of these traits indicate a company that is well worth your time. And, thankfully, we possess all of these traits in abundance. Our fully licensed professionals have worked for years providing friendly and competent service to individuals throughout the area. Simply put, we honestly believe that we are the best paving professionals in the field, and we work hard to maintain our well-earned reputation for excellence.

Don’t hesitate to get help today

As you can see, professional help is a wise alternative to the dangers of DIY paving application. Even if you have worked with paving in the past in some capacity, without the help of experts who pave every day, you’re going to be very disappointed with your results. Therefore, you should reach out to us as soon as possible to learn more about how we operate and our pledge to you.

With our help, you can understand how to prepare a paving job, experience real professional work, and achieve a driveway or parking lot style that is worth your time and your money. Just as importantly, you should call us if you—against our advice—tried out paving your own driveway and made a huge mess of it. With our help, you’ll get it back to normal and looking great again in no time.

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